Become A Sales Rep

Do you want to have a part in Monkey Milk? What better way then to join us and become a Sales Rep. We are looking for exciting people who can go out and introduce Monkey Milk to the world!

What does this mean you ask? First off you need to try the product and make sure you believe in it as much as we do. Then the sky's the limit.

What a great way to make an income. Full time or part time the hours are up to you. Selling an awesome product that everyone can use one way or the other. It's pretty safe to say everyone masturbates and or has sex right? Yes they do (or they should be). Its always a good idea to use a lube.

You would sell to friends & family as well as business. Anyone you can think of and then some. You can use the internet to contact businesses who you think may be interested in carrying the product. Once you contact them you let us know and we send out samples. If they decide to carry the product you receive a commission. This is 100% on commission so the more you sell the more you make. You can do it from home in your jammies if you'd like or go out and speak with them in person. Your not limited to your area thanks to the internet.

Your kit will include everything you need to get started. You can purchase more supplies to have on hand to sell at a discounted cost.


For more details contact Dr. Rylie

We are looking forward to you joining our team!!

I'm ready!!