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If you are over 30 YES 30 You need to be concerned with your Prostate health!!! Do not wait till your 40. In the last 10 years I have had men in my office in their early 30's suffering from Prostate issues. What do you need to do to take control? Very simple...... Get regular Prostate massages. This keeps the fluids flushed out. This is beneficial because you do not want bacteria to grow inside the prostate and you don't want the fluid build up to cause an Enlarged Prostate. It is a very gentle process and combined with The Lingam Massage it is pleasurable as well. For complete details on the Lingam and Prostate Massage visit the Tantra Classes tab and go to the For Men tab. It will answer your questions and walk you thru the process. Prostate Cancer is 100% PREVENTABLE just by taking precautionary measures. Do not wait start today!


It is a proven fact men who ejaculate 25 times a month have a 37% less chance of getting Prostate Cancer. Take control of your health today! You can go to the Contact tab & send a message to Dr Rylie to set up an appointment. Dr Rylie is featured in Novembers Sexual Health Edition of Penthouse 2015 ( you can read the article on my website)



Take control of your health!! Tantra is a very healthy, spiritual form of Self Help! Tantra teaches you to learn about yourself and get in touch with your inner being. Everyone finds Tantra helpful in some way!!


Tantra is The Art of Conscious Touch and it can teach you to get in touch with yourself. Experience complete BLISS as you learn to sync your mind and body together. 


During your Tantra session you will learn to discover things about yourself that you didn't even know were possible!! Get in touch with a whole new part of yourself and your body!


Over come problem areas such as....

** ED

** Pre-Mature 

** Loss of Interest

** Focus and Control

** Performance Anxiety

and so much more!!!!



Ask yourself these questions....


** Do you feel disconnected?

** Do you lose interest in sexual activities?

** Have you noticed "things don't work like they used to"?

** Do you have performance anxiety?

** Have you thought about turning to medicinal medicines?

** Are you taking time out for yourself?


If you answered yes to any or all of these questions it is time for you to visit Dr Rylie. Tantra will help change your life!! Tantra is 100% Holistic and you will see a difference in yourself and your performance immediately!! 


Contact me with any questions you may have. Go to the Contact form on this page and let me know how I can help you or if you would like to make an appointment.

Dr Rylie

Holistic Sex Therapist & Prostate Massage Therapy Specialist

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